Barbara Maheshwari

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Started her events business from scratch when she was only 18. Enrolled 1200 members into the association, sold her company at the age of 21. Ever since then, she was launching and managing tech startups on behalf of clients 100% focused on global growth. She lives across London, Zagreb, Jaipur and Dubai. She has an educational background in sociology, communication science, public relations, and accounting. Barbara was also the youngest Executive MBA graduate from BSC and the youngest columnist in Croatian magazine Entrepreneur.   

Lorena Konjević

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Lorena gained her professional expertise working for various industries but her passion is the implementation of technology in the business environment. After a corporate career as a Consultant in IBM, she packed her bags and went to South America. In 6 months she gathered 135 000 miles with a budget of the only 5k€. If you need to add an extra mile to your business with a small investment budget, you can rely on her resourcefulness to make it 135 additional miles. Her latest projects are focused on CX.




Lorena and Barbara discovered that they are both passionate about business, travelling and gin-tonic. 

After a decade of professional experience with big business systems and small startup teams, our team members have sold one company, co-founded three businesses and gave more than hundreds of life-saving tips on how to innovate business practices by using available technology and agile delivery techniques. 

While Barbara was consulting start-ups in London, and Lorena was facilitating hackathons and design thinking workshops in Croatia, somewhere between uncomfortable business suits, and desire to develop skills while not being bored with speakers, they got an idea and started to co-host workshops. Topics of their business retreats are: how to start a business, the best ways to launch a new digital product on the market, work on personal development to be an effective leader etc. 

Flexi(ble) events and mentoring programmes are made to make you feel comfortable. Beach, nature, tasty Mediterranean food and gin-tonics are just some of the perks you will enjoy in the breaks during our events.


Barbara was so enthusiastic about my company like she is a part of our team for years. Listening to her advice I have accomplished a huge shift in my revenue, we employed 35 employees in less than 6 months. I didn't expect we will grow so fast. Her support was a really refreshing experience. 

—  Ivan Bjelajac, CEO at MVP Workshop