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Do you need a remote work expert?

Barbara Maheshwari, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur

How to adapt to remote business

 Leading distributed teams and working from home can become a hassle or a great success.

 You decide.

Whether you’re a manager who has for the first time been assigned with leading a team that includes Jura from Split, Rajesh from Pakistan, and Jonathan from Brighton, or a small employer forced to relocate the company online overnight due to corona restrictions, a challenge awaits you.

Time management, employee control, trust, tools like Slack, Asana, and Google Drive, the conflict of different cultures and different time zones, are just some of the complications that most entrepreneurs face when they decide to start running a business online.

This makes it worthwhile to run a company 100% remote

Already after the first year, 88% of the companies that successfully relocate their business online achieve an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction, and this often has a positive impact on revenue as well. At the same time, such companies do not need an office, which automatically leads to making additional savings because they no longer have to pay for working space, cleaning, or utilities.

While, at first, you may think it will be easier for team members to slack if they work from home, it very quickly turns out to be just the opposite. When people work in the office, the time they spend sitting in front of the computer counts even if they just sit and look out the window. On the other hand, if they work from home, each person must be able to show the team the result of their work. As CEO of a 100% remote company, you can easily spend the whole winter drinking cocktails in Thailand while keeping the whole business under control.


Working from Home
Is it the right time to go remote?

You just have to make sure that you know the methods and tools that can help you make this transition to online business painless, or that you know where to find the right consultant who can guide you through this process.

How did Barbara Maheshwari become one of the leading experts when it comes to remote work?

Barbara started working remotely in 2017. Since then she has led business transformation projects for companies from England, Croatia, India, and the United Arab Emirates while at the same time traveling the world and living almost every month in another country.

She has helped many start-ups build successful businesses, and consulted large companies that have more than 10,000 employees on how to improve remote work and achieve great business results.

In addition, she has been a speaker at conferences, events, and podcasts including the Australian Epic Marketing Summit, the British EVO Business Network event, the Earl Ameen podcast, Simon Squibb and more.


If you need a remote work expert, feel free to contact or book a short intro call with Barbara