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Many people have a great business idea, but only some of them manage to create a real business. 

Starting a company is like raising a baby, you invest your energy, time, money, passion and you think that what you are doing is the best thing in the world!
That is how every great entrepreneur started, but it takes a lot more than that to build

a well-structured business model, team and acquire customers. Sometimes is just not easy to decide what to do, how to do it, or when. With our friendly and professional support you will never be alone.

"Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. And guess what they have prepared for you? Not much."
- Farrah Gray

Our experts are crazy about helping entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses! We can lead you through the whole process - from idea validation and MVP design to customer acquisition.

Other than business expertise and global network, we are special because for us this is not just business. We are all in. Lorena was building ecosystems for big companies such as IBM, and she polished her branding and UX skills in a digital marketing agency, while Barbara managed, and launched new digital products for SMEs across the United Kingdom, UAE, Dubai and India. 


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Basic Launch

from £2900

4 Consultation Slots

Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Target Group 
Defining Your Business Model

Business Name 

Logo Design 
Brand Colours

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Basic Web Content

Website (up to 5 pages in Wix)

Set-up up to 3 Social

Media Channels


from £7000

Skyrocket your startup

from 49k

Everything included in Upscale package

Unlimited Consulting Support

Complete Digital Identity

 Website (unlimited number of pages in WordPress) 


 IOS and Android

App Development 

Business Plan

Investor Pitch 

3 Digital Campaigns

Dedicated Marketing Manager for the first 3 months


8 Consultation Slots

Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Customer Persona 
Defining Your Business Model

Business Name 

Logo Design 
Brand Colours

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Advanced Web Content

Website (up to 20 pages

in WordPress)

Set-up up to 5 Social

Media Channels

Keyword research

Design & copy for 30 creatives

Promo Video  

First Digital Launch Campaign

Successful Projects Behind Us

These are only some of the businesses that we helped to develop from the idea stage. It is inspiring how only 1 person with a great idea can change the world by launching fabulous products, solving customers' problems and hiring people. We are proud that we can contribute and share the vision!


Remote Bob

Virtual Assistants & Remote Staff

Happiness Card

Discount card for students


Predictive Analytics Tool

download (2).jpg


Oils and resins from rainforest

Amazing Croatia 

Wine tasting travel agency

Living Uniforms

Chef Uniforms

No funding? No problem.

Even if you are bootstrapping your company, we might be able to help. If we really like the business idea can discuss accepting equity shares instead of full payment.