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How to introduce yourself at a job interview?

*10 September 2020

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Are you one of those people who always get called for an interview, but never land the job? It might have everything to do with how you introduce yourself on a job interview. If you don't present your values or you seem overly insecure regarding your skills and expertise, your employer might think that you fabricated information on your CV (or they may simply dislike you). Learn how to make an amazing first impression and make that position yours!

Steps to consider when you introduce yourself on a job interview: 


The way you talk

The tone of your voice and your demeanour are the key things that will help you introduce yourself on a job interview. If you “click” with your employer, the chances are – they will pick to work with you over other candidates. However, you can also shoot yourself in the foot. You might come off as too stiff, or perhaps too relaxed – as if you’re not taking things seriously. You need to evaluate what kind of communication suits your employer specifically.

The way you look 

Look into the company you’re applying to work with before coming to an interview. Normally, companies will prefer business attire, but if it’s a start-up company, you can even be overdressed. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing, but don’t wear a jumper in the middle of summer either (your employer will not appreciate a sweat stain on their chair). In a corporate company, it’s the little things that matter, like forgetting to take off your sunglasses. Leave your glitter jumpsuit for the club on Friday, and go shop for some button-up shirts.

Confidence and vibe

You should come into the interview with the attitude that your employer should be glad that they came across someone like you, but keep it humble. If you’re too arrogant, more often than not it’s not attributed to confidence, but cockiness. Nobody likes to have a “mister know-it-all” in their office.

Are you a good cultural fit?

Do you fit the values, behaviour and beliefs of the company you want to work in? Would they want to have someone like you on board? Would you like to work there in the first place? If you’ve never heard of cultural fit interviews, perhaps it’s high time you look into it. 

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Say exactly what your employer wants to hear - while being honest!

You have to play it smart and notice the little remarks your employer makes during the interview to determine what exactly it is they want to hear. There are certain things that are a deal-breaker for most employers. 

If you want to learn what these things are, including guidance on all these steps that will teach you how to properly introduce yourself on a job interview, then this course is right for you. 
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