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What is a Virtual Startup Accelerator?

 So you came up with a business idea, you have the knowledge, you have the time – but, you don’t have a plan, and this is a problem. What will attract clients, customers, and users - is not if you have a good idea to share, but HOW you will share it, present it, make it seem credible. 

Chances are, somebody has at one point already done what you want to do. You want to let your audience know why you are the one they should be switching their focus to and why your services are better than those of any of your competitors. Many startup owners don’t know in which order they should take these steps and succeed, which is exactly why Virtual Startup Accelerators exist. 

A Virtual Startup Accelerator is something like an online startup mentor. Accelerators have experience and expertise with the process of creating a new company/business from start to finish. They know exactly which steps to take and when, and how to handle hiccups along the way. 

Startup owners usually struggle to find the motivation to move forward from the initial idea in their head. They sink into a pool of self-doubt, undermining, paranoia, and worries, thinking all this stress isn’t worth it – and I haven’t even properly started yet! Maybe I should just give up... 

Startup Accelerators are here to remind you that it’s okay if you cannot do it all alone, and that seeking help doesn’t mean you are not capable of becoming the next big name in the industry a couple of years down the road. On the contrary, having a good leader means you’ll get there faster! Get your head in the game, take the right steps, and enjoy seeing your ideas flourish!

What can Virtual Startup Accelerator do for you?

•    Give you guidance for making a strategic step-by-step plan for creating your company
•    Provide feedback and assistance during the development of the process 
•    Advise you on each step when and as you take it
•    Put emphasis on your personal growth
•    Give you the necessary tools and knowledge to make the process easier
•    Give you contacts to potential connections and resources you can use along the way
•    Tell you how to approach contractors, clients, collaborators, and investors. 

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What our Virtual Startup Accelerator program can offer

We tend to look at the startup process realistically. You cannot make a company overnight, but it doesn’t take years to launch one, either.
Thus, we have created a six-month programme divided into different modules, each of which include monthly one-on-one meetings and group training sessions twice a week. Our experts will dive into the core of your business and teach you how to grow personally and


You will be provided with joint education, but also an intimate approach through individual meetings where your personal issues will be tackled.
After the six-month period, we guarantee you will have all the fundamentals of your business set up so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the journey ahead!

You will be speaking with

Barbara Maheshwari, MBA

For the last 8 years, I have been launching businesses and coaching executives across the UK, India, Croatia and UAE. I work mostly with high-end exclusive clients who are using my expertise to excel in their professional and personal development.
If you want to learn how to launch, manage and grow your start-up - you are at the right place!

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