3 Benefits of Employee Outsourcing

„Outsourcing the employees!?“ Brrrr – a lot of executives have chills running down their spines just from the thought entering their minds alone. Were you to, Heaven forbid, actually pronounce this phrase in a public setting in front of them – like at your Monday meeting – you would set the stage for quite a show.

You can see it clearly now: chairs being thrown over the counter, the COO shaking his head with confusion and weeping uncontrollably, that bowl of fruit (that you can bet nobody has touched since the very establishment of the company) being used as makeshift headgear protection to shield one's face from the incoming chairs, and Jimmy... Poor Jimmy... His first day of internship was not supposed to be a gateway to ergophobia. [1]

Don't leave Jimmy like this, holding his head and sitting on a comfy sofa – do him a favor and continue reading.

All jokes aside: outsourcing employees and having them work from anywhere but the company's offices often doesn't make much sense to the employers. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the three most important benefits that the recruitment of remote staff brings with itself.

1) Bringing in talent Sure, you might be able to track down some prospective employees if you concentrate solely on the streams of employment you used up until now; however, by reaching out across the country (or even towards other countries), you multiply your chances of finding that right talent – the one that is exactly the right fit for your business – by quite a margin. Simply said: more options to choose from means more success in your choices!

2) Increased productivity This one can be a real head-scratcher: can it be true that someone, who does not even show up in the office – and, oh my, works from home (*gasps*) – be more productive than everybody else that works in the company's offices? The answer is a resounding yes, and it is based in science: it has been shown that the employees that work from home often clock in more hours of work than their office colleagues, that they have much more concentration when they work at home, and that they take shorter breaks.

Don't believe us? Here is a video that showcases the results of a research by Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford economist, on the productivity of home-based workers versus office-based workers.

3) Reduced costs So, you have the right employee for your business and he/she is making a powerful, positive and ever-increasing productive impact for it. You are now solving problems and making progress at a faster and more efficient rate than you previously did, but you are now also... Wait for it... Saving money!

By opting to hire in this manner, you do not have to worry about investing into new office space, into new hardware and software and into other office material. That new, successful member of your company is self-reliable, with the only thing that he now requires from you being a solid leadership and a warm thank-you note for all of the accomplishments that he/she is continuing to line up.

Resourcefulness. That is one of the traits of all expedient businesses. So, become resourceful and try to go with outsourcing for a while – we promise that you will gain much more from it than you thought you could!

[1] Fear of work is labeled as „ergophobia“. We wanted to use a fancy word, but had to look it up first.