80% of London start-up owners are lacking strategic management!

Having a great business idea or exceptional technical skills is enough to start a company, but is it enough to run it successfully?


Lack of knowledge or experience on business management are not a problem if company hires management team to do it.

It is almost impossible to find, and extremely costly to hire an experienced and trustworthy manager for a start-up. But not hiring one can be even more dangerous.

Setting strategy, cost optimization, people management, analyzing ROI of our marketing campaigns, opening new sales channels... If we don't find time for our responsibilities, our money is leaking and we are missing opportunities to make our business grow.

Barbara, Flexi Consulting

One of my clients didn't find time to manage or delegate bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is not so important he thought. One year later he overpaid tax for 30 000 GBP only because he wasn't attaching expense receipts.

The other one didn't prioritize training and educations for employees, he didn't had time to listen what is motivating them and to take care about working culture. Six months later 3 employees left the company, and the ones who stayed were under-performing and idle.

Entrepreneur's life consists of lots of chaos and excitement, and that can be overwhelming. Market is competitive and there is no room for wrong business moves. Mistakes are expensive. Young business owners are usually top experts in their domain, but they should also handle finances, accounting, marketing, sales, HR, and business planning. That is a very challenging job, even for an senior business person.

When it is about business management, there is a huge gap between what small business owners need and what they can afford. "Renting-a-Manager" means having an expert on your site once a week. This service has helped many small business owners across the Europe to get the things done, save time, money and scale their business faster.

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Being a Manager