CollectiWise in San Francisco

Founder of CollectiWise, Johannes Castner meeting investors in San Francisco and LA until 25th November!

Flexi and CollectiWise

After Johannes left his Data Scientist job in eBay, he gathered team in London and San Francisco - some of the top people in data science, AI, coding, OpenCog, and business and he launched CollectiWise. His advisers and board members are people from Google, LinkedIn, eBay with MIT and Harvard degrees. Andrew Sabisch, Amjad Masad, Nick Larson, Kelvin Shi and other world-class entrepreneurs are joining forces to introduce CollectiWise to the world. At the same time Johannes is finishing his PhD on University Columbia in Sustainable Development.

CollectiWise is a platform for collective wisdom and smarter decision making. This tool for companies with more than 500 employees can be used as a risk management technique and management decision making platform with integrated predictive analytics system.


Johannes recently gave a speech on Cambridge about the theory that is standing behind CollectiWise

His 10 years long research proved that power of collective intelligence is more reliable than individual expert's knowledge.

Austing Agbo, Naireen Imtiaz and Lorena Konjevic are some of the first team members of CollectiWise who are working with Johannes to ensure that CollectiWise transforms the future of big companies in London and USA. CollectiWise has a constant support from Flexi Consulting since it's inception. CollectiWise became a member of Google Campus London in October.

Neal Rosenfeld, veteran of sounds and music, the guy who created music for famous cartoon The Simpsons, created melody for CollectiWise's first promo video. Stay tuned!

Johannes and Lukas

Investors interested in this opportunity can reach out to for more info.