Croatian trainer launching Borss and Hopps in the UK

Snjezana Solar is entrepreneur, passionate body technique coach, inventor and designer of unusual exercise equipment Borss and Hopps.

Snjezana Solar Hopps

Snjezana's numerous sports medals, educational certificates and decades of hard work that she enjoyed led her to the idea of inventing the perfect exercise device for women. Borss is a smaller wooden plank designed to be used at home every morning before work, while Hopps looks like a unique piece of furniture with therapeutic impact.


Her products are made for women who want to work on their balance and flexibility. She sold her products to the best gyms in Croatia, BIH and Serbia and changed many lives. From the January 2019 her products will be available in the UK as well.

Flexi team is proudly supporting Snjezana during her business journey in the UK. For all inquiries please contact

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