Design thinking workshop with MIB SIS

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We can have a lot of ideas, but only one is enough to bring us major success
In the sea of ​​ideas, sometimes only one is enough for success


MIB SIS is Croatian independent reseller specialized in the distribution of hardware. Their business model is distributed since SIS MIB is family-owned company, meaning there is no classical hierarchy in the company. Although management thinks it's a good model for them, employees disagree with that so they invited FLEXI to share our point of view on industry best practices and differentiating capabilities. Rather than conducting a traditional sales meeting, we organised Design Thinking workshop to change the traditional sales conversation to user-centric meeting and solve internal problems together with employees who were also user sponsors.

Sponsor Users are real-world users that regularly contribute their domain expertise to your team, helping you stay in touch with users’ real-world needs throughout the project. - IBM Design Thinking Framework

Empathy map help us to understand better our client and what are his/her motivation, pain points, habits etc.
Empathy map


Design Thinking Workshop helped us to uncover current pain points, ideate new ways to achieve desired outcomes, and better understand the employee journey to organize better sales cycle and people involved in each step. One-day workshop uncovered challenges with the current management and sales process and led the technology organization to realize it needed to put stricter rules in terms of sales. The workshop also helped prioritize the type of “triggers” that were priorities to implement based on the “To-Be” journeys for key customer segments.


MIB SIS realized how their sales cycle looks like and what activities could be optimized by dividing business tasks to specific people. Lastly, we helped them to ideate against ways to “act like a corporate” within its current organizational structure. In the next few months, employees started applying suggested marketing activities and use sales tools which generated new business opportunities and shortened sales cycles.

Lesson learned

Although we came up with a lot of ideas for improving the current situation, I realised that not everybody in SIS MIB is ready to implement suggested changes. What did we do? Instead of focusing on my vision and ideas, we focused on solutions that moth management and employees were ready to implement in the short-term.

Design thinking workshops are a great way to put experts, stakeholders and customer together and ask them what they want and need. Design thinking can also apply to design services and products. It's a fun, collaborative and useful way of finding the right solution for a given challenge.