Do you know exactly how your marketing budget was spent?

When ATM becomes your best friend...

Digital. The most popular word of the year. Everything became digital. Companies started forming digital departments and implement digital transformation.

  • Good news: Everything that is online can be followed and measured. Even people.

  • Bad news: Not everybody knows that. Especially in the business world.

The largest growth of new agencies was recorded in digital marketing. They were literally growing over the night, which is good. Bigger demand, bigger supply. The bad thing is that the quality of the people working there can be quite suspicious, especially for the companies who have temporary employees. On the other hand, we have a situation where managers want to promote good workers and suddenly from office manager he/she becomes a digital marketer. (I will call him Mark)

  • Good news: Mark is promoted. Wooohoo

  • Bad news: Mark has no idea what to do. He hires a third-party digital marketing agency.

Everybody happy. The end.

Not exactly. 

To sum up the situation: We have a Mark, company and third-party digital marketing agency whose goal is to bring more leads and traffic which will result in more sales aka revenue to the company. Seems easy?

Let's briefly return to the beginning of the article and connect two stories into one: DIGITAL and MARK. Just recently my business partners Barbara and Monika had a consulting session with a Mark whose marketing budget is 5K £. He didn't know what to do so the company outsourced digital campaigns to the third party digital marketing agency. Barbara and Monika found out that agency spent only 100£/monthly on Google ADs campaigns. 100£ from 5K budget. Sounds fishy, right?

Who to blame now? Mark, who doesn't know that Google Analytics exist at all, or digital marketing agency that saw easy money in Mark. My personal advice is to compare the price of the services you're paying to the third party service providers and the results you are getting from them. Sometimes you will pay more your ignorance. Ask your service providers reports, analysis, anything that can confirm the results.

  • Good news: Nowadays, results and performance are easy to be measured.

  • Bad news: There are a lot of people in the world like Mark.

Don't be like Mark. Search on Google: Digital marketing strategies or google ads education. There is plenty of free materials. It can be time consuming, I do agree on that one. Or you can hire consultants who will make a revision of your marketing and sales channels.