How to define your target group

Do you think target group for your product is "everyone"? If yes, unfortunately you are caught in a trap of common sense.

Many business owners thinks that if they are trying to sell their product to anyone who wants it, they will acquire huge number of new customers. It sounds logical, inviting more people to buy it = getting more people to buy it. This is not working! This is the most common mistake that entrepreneurs beginners are facing.

This sentence is the key:

Your target group should be inch wide and a mile deep. If you target only very specific, small audience in the end you will get more customers.

This is how it works: Let's say you want to apply for training and you see two ads.

1) We are organizing training for everyone. Anyone who wants can come. It will be great.

2) We are organizing training entrepreneurs beginners, who are 20 to 27 years old and wants to learn how to get more clients.

Who would apply on first one? Nobody.

Who would apply on second one? All entrepreneurs beginners who are 20-27 years old and they are interested in getting more clients!

Targeting anyone, means reaching no one. 

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