Increase Audience Engagement for Your Email Campaigns

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

DataSine has launched a tool that can increase a business's audience engagement up to 60-70%. Just imagine the revenue this approach would bring to companies such as Netflix, Groupon or PayPal, that are sending hundreds of emails per month to their potential clients.

But how is that sort of an efficiency even possible?

Newsletters are a powerful tool if you take advantage of them correctly.
Newsletters are a powerful tool if you take advantage of them correctly.

It is possible through the DataSine team's ingenuity; they have combined their Artificial Intelligence and psychology expertise to launch the "Pomegranate" tool. In short, this tool makes it easy for businesses to personalize their communication with clients by making the process more automated than it was the case ever before.

Pomegranate makes it easy for businesses to customize newsletters according to the client's personality. It is based on machine learning models which understand how different content appeals to the wide variety of personalities the clients possess.

Based on these models, the tool simply offers several in-line suggestions on how to best modify your sentences, according to the client's personality traits – there is now no need to manually test out every piece and combination of content in order to find the most successful, as the process is automated.

Subscription for Pomegranate costs 79GBP per month, and it can be used for an unlimited number of email campaigns.

If you wish to learn more about the way that their tool works, visit their website and blog on the following link.

For now, this tool can be used only for newsletters that are created with Hubspot or MailChimp. And here is a suprise; DataSine and Flexi Consulting are giving away 10 free subscriptions for this tool! All you have to do is share this article on your social media and us send e-mail with the subject line being „Pomegranate“ on