• Barbara Krečak

Time Management - Multiply your hours!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

When I moved to London from Croatia last year, I didn't want to miss all that exciting opportunities London is offering! I was working on projects with clients 6 hours a day, going on sales meetings 3 hours a day and doing admin, follow-up work on computer at least 4 hours a day.

In the morning I was enthusiastic, starting the day with thoughts "Oooh yes, I will be rich!!!", but in the evening I was actually becoming - Exhausted. Completely exhausted.

No time

I knew that type of lifestyle wasn't sustainable, so I finally got a personal-admin assistant on board. I thought if I manage to create a process from everything I do, someone else can easily do it instead of me and I will get the same results and more time for me. These are some examples of tasks I delegated to my assistant:

1. My assistant was getting new potential clients for my business

I asked my assistant to send emails, LinkedIn messages and chat with people on Shapr and filter the ones who were Executives of London based tech start-ups and they need help with operations management. I gave her template of intro email and the instructions for the next step. This was part of leadership development lessons that I had during my MBA. She created a list of 50 potential clients and talked to them in the first week.

2. She was arranging meetings for me

When potential client confirms the meeting, she would check the distance on Google Maps and booked confirmed meeting with details about the business owner and a location for me in Calendly.

3. Ana was booking events for me

I told her that I want to attend, business and AI events, one paid and one free event a week, not more than 30 minutes of distance from my office. She would search best rated events online that fits to that criteria and again booked them in my schedule. I was still learning how to be a great leader, and it took me some time to recognize the real value of delegating repetitive tasks to my staff.

4. I delegated to my assistant to arrange public speaking on business events for me

I told her to make a list of 10 business events that are happening in London in the next 30 days and email the organizers that I would be happy to speak on their event. At this point it was easier for me since she was doing the ground work, but still I had to communicate with her a lot during the day.

Business Masterclass

5. She was ordering food for me online

I told her which groceries do I need at least once a month and told her to order them every 10th in a month. The only thing I needed to do was to be home at 7 PM on that day to open the door for the delivery guy. Finally some fresh food at home!

6. My assistant found the best yoga class in my neighborhood

I wanted to do some exercise, but every time when I tried to search online - it is so complicated. So much choice, at least 10 gyms and yoga clubs in my area. I didn't had time to check timings, prices, distance or to register. I simply told Ana - please book yoga class for me every Saturday at some time between 9 and 11 AM and I gave her range of price

that I am willing to pay.

7. Planning holidays without a hustle

Pick a perfect holiday is time-consuming. Even if you know where do you want to go, you still have to review many websites to find the best one. I delegated to my assistant to put in Excel sheet list of business retreats from London to Turkey that are happening in April, add website, pricing and her comment how likely would she recommend me to go there from 1 to 10. I made a decision in 10 minutes! In previous years it took me at least 3 hours just to collect quotes.

8. Help with recruitment

I was hiring freelancers, and I was getting 100 CVs a day to my inbox. I asked Ana to mark as "Important Email" the ones who have at least 3 years of experience and Google Ads certificate. This way I had to read 36 CVs instead of a few hundreds. Attending Flexi workshop enabled me to understand how to recognize and hire the right employee.

9. Posting on social media channels

While before I had to log in to computer in the evening to publish something about my work, now I could just message her on WhatsApp with pictures and basic details. She would create and scheduled posts in Hootsuite so the only thing I had to do was to click - approve. Assistant can help you with maintaining your social media presence as well as with kick starting a new business!

One of my friends wanted to change her career, but she had no time to send job applications. She sent CV and CL to her assistant and told her to log in on job ad sites and apply her for Sales Executive jobs in travel industry that are paid more than 40k. She paid assistant around £200 for that week of work, and she was invited to 7 interviews.

Remote Bob

Hiring an assistant in London would cost at least 30k, so I hired remote assistant from Croatia. She has university degree, speaks better English than me, she works for 12k a year and she is happy and grateful because that is above average salary in Croatia!

I thought that there might be more people like me who would use that service so we launched company that is connecting busy Executives from London with hardworking remote assistants from Croatia.