The Youngest MBA Graduate: Congrats, Barbara!

Our Business Consultant, Barbara Krečak, has recently graduated from "Cortugli Business School" as the youngest graduate in the Executive MBA Program!

She already has a degree in sociology, communication science and accounting. Some people would have thought that that would be enough of education, but „enough“ is not the word we use in Flexi. Excellence and continuous progress are what we are aiming for every day, what each and every one of our team members strives for.

„Finishing the MBA was on my bucket list. Everyone was telling me that I am being too ambitious and that it is not realistic to expect that I will have an MBA before I turn 30. I think being realistic is for average people, so I decided to work for it anyway, and I did it! Business School Cotrugli enabled me to enhance my leadership skills and to get a clear overview of different industries in regards to business management. Except the high quality of education, I think that the biggest value of this MBA was in the connecting with the amazing people I have met there“, said Barbara.

Barbara was working side by side with her colleagues - directors of banks, oil companies, airport directors and many other successful business people from Eastern Europe. Currently, Flexi is helping some of them to expand their businesses from Croatia, Serbia and BiH to the UK. We are not building business. We are merely building leaders, and it is them who are building business.

Congratulations, Barbara, for this achievement!