Why consultants suck?

My client was complaining about previous consultants who were not managing to fulfill the needs of his company. I tried to figure out what is the problem – Were they uneducated? Were they lacking experience? Why were they not able to implement good changes?

„Implement distributed ledger technology to synchronize transactions czar technology“ and your company will grow – Yes, their solutions usually sound excellent in theory. But what actually has to be done? And why every consultant has that „I am gold class Google“ attitude? You hire them because they are smarter than you and you want them to show you how to run your business. Do you agree?

Senior Consultant

By facing this problem, I was thinking how to help my client. I got so intrigued by this problem, that I went one step further. I interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs who had experience with consultants.

All answers were leading to one core problem – consultants didn't have an inner perspective.

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They didn't know what does an employee in the factory do? What problems is he facing? How is he spending his time? How does he feel? How is that influencing productivity? How can the company increase his efficiency? How about the administrative employee? What about management? How can you make their life easier and improve the whole system of the company? You don't know how they feel, what they do or how you can help them until you don't step in their shoes. The secret is in small details. Make your employees love Mondays and your revenue will increase.

Consultants don't have time for this. Their hours are so expensive. I wish there were some consultants that are charging according to the value they are bringing, not according to hours they are trying to figure out something.

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Can we replace or upgrade consultants?

My business partner in crime and I came up with an idea that we can analyze the whole process that is happening in the company. Instead of acting smartass and filling formulars we decided to start with action. Here comes the fun part.

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Digression warning! When I was 3 years old, my uncle asked me „What do you want to be when you grow up?“ I said – The boss. My other professional call was undercover agent. I practiced that skill at my early age of 5 when I was stealing candies from my brother. I became a CEO when I was 18, and I am still stealing candies from my brother. Anyway, what was I saying, oh yea – CEO, consultant, undercover and adventurous.