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Become a Social Media Specialist in 60 days

*Starting on 28 September 2020

Branding, community management, and audience engagement; all from the comfort of your own home

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All you have to know before

signing up for this course

All you have to know before signing up for this course

A Social Media Specialist doesn’t just log into social media handles and answer DMs. A Social Media Specialist is the link between a brand and its online audience. Other than keeping the accounts alive, Social Media Specialists are expected to create and/or manage a content strategy, create and post visuals, measure and enhance post engagement, research competitors, and much more. As a Social Media Specialist, your job is to know the algorithm and fundamentals of every social media platform you’re working with, and then present the goals and visions of the assigned brand accordingly.

Examples of tasks for a Social Media Specialist that you will learn during this course:

1. We’re a start-up grocery shopping platform and we need someone to set up our social media handles. Please research which platforms would be most appropriate for us and set up our profiles. 

2. Posts we’ve been creating thus far don’t reflect our brand very well, nor do they have many likes and shares. Please guide us in having a different approach.

3. We already have a selected strategy, brand colours, and font. You need to design three social media posts in our style weekly and schedule them to be posted every week at the same time. 

4. We need to grow our social media handles, but we don’t want to fund an advertisement campaign. You should increase engagement on our profiles to attract more attention from our target audience.

 This is a long-term career path of a Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Your task is to make sure posts are going up as and when they should, checking for consistency, answering DMs, replying to comments, and liking and following other users to increase account engagement organically.

Content Manager

Your task is to research the brand’s style and vision and create visuals and written content that align with keywords and hashtags representative to the company you’re working for. Your job is to create an aesthetically pleasing theme unique to your client’s brand. 

Marketing Strategist

 Your job is to enhance marketing support through the creation of a branding and outreach campaign. You will research your target audience, find out their interests, and suggest an appropriate theme, content and style. You will determine a perfect time and frequency for posting, as well as keep track of any changes in the algorithm or audience engagement. 

What do you need to become a Social Media Specialist?

​•    Good English writing skills, if your content is grammatically incorrect – the native-speaking audience will notice. 
•    Basic computer skills, although you can access most social media handles from your phone, you will be required at one point or another to create flawless high-quality visuals, something that’s nearly impossible to do on a 5x5 inch screen. 
•    Basic knowledge of social media platforms, if you have never browsed through Twitter or Instagram, then this position is not for you. 
•    A positive attitude and a will to learn 


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Contents of this course

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This course will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful Social Media Specialist, covering both the basics and introduce you to advanced tools used in modern British practice. 

Module #1 Facebook set-up (profiles, pages, groups, and community management)

​Module #2 LinkedIn set-up (page, personal profile, outreach and engagement)

Module #3 Instagram set-up (business account) 

Module #4 Twitter set-up (business Twitter - determine a dedicated niche audience through advanced and highly-specific targeting tools). 

Module #5 TikTok set-up (TikTok for business) 

Module #6 Target audience research (competitor analysis, audience analysis, determine approach, schedule, frequency, values)

Module #7 Visuals and branding (style, font, logo, colours)

Module #8 Visual design (Canva, Avoiding copyright claims - free stock sites; StockVault, Pexels, Unsplash) 

Module #9 Written content – copywriting and creative writing (tone, phrasing, and grammar – Grammarly and Hemingway)  

Module #10 Keywords and Hashtags research (Keyword planner, free integrated Instagram tool)

Module #11 Scheduling posts (Hootsuite, 

Module #12 Outreach/Engagement

Module #13 Analytics and algorithms 

This course will take 60 days, 2x a week, and the classes will include assessment and practical assignments. 

Join us!

  • Start date: 28 September 2020

  • 2 months

  • 26 hours of interactive online lectures

  • Learn everything you need to know to become a Social Media Specialist

  • Communication, strategy and technical knowledge

  • Prepare yourself to land a marketing job

  • £950

If you would like to apply for this course please contact or +385915363170 Barbara